Friday, June 29, 2012

The Great Dalton Jones Average Experiment

For several years, FenwayNation has featured a unique device to track the level of confidence in The Olde Towne Team. The Dalton Jones Industrial Average (or DJIA) is a composite Index that measures the "Mood Of The Nation" via a select panel of 50 members worldwide. Historically, it's been a pretty good barometer of confidence in the Red Sox.  This month, we're opening up voting on the DJIA to both the Panel and our general readership. This experiment is our way to see if confidence among our panel members is in tune with the broader readership of FenwayNation. Tricky, huh?

If you'd like to vote, it's easy. You'll be asked to rate your level of confidence for the month of June on four key metrics—starting pitching, relief pitching, total offense and total defense. The whole thing takes about a minute—honestly. Just click "DONE" when your finished and your votes are automatically sent to FenwayNation.

To vote in this special Dalton Jones Industrial Average experiment, CLICK HERE.